About us

Tromso Mountain Guides

Who we are, what we like and what we have done.

Magnus Eriksson

I'm the founder of TMG and have spent 30 years on steep walls, rocky ridges and snowy mountains around the world. I came to Tromsø in 2010 to have a look and have stayed. Now I'm a proud father of two and living with my wife Cecilie on Tromsø island. I started teaching rock climbing 20 years ago and has worked as a full time mountain guide in Norway and the Alps since 2013. I'm still as motivated as ever to go out climbing and skiing for my own pleasure or to share my passion with my clients. Successful expeditions to Himalaya, Karakoram, Greenland and Patagonia. First descents in the Lyngenalps. Sport climbing and new routes up to around 8b. The true Ersfjordtraverse in 6 hours.

Thomas Meling

Thomas is one of the most accomplished climbers in Norway and an IFMGA aspirant guide with Nortind. He first came to Tromsø in 2004 and his strong passion for the mountains has only grown since. He now lives here with his wife and two kids. With a background in law from the university and many years as a rope access instructor with AAK, he's well prepared for the responsibilities of a mountain guide. Thomas has climbed extensively around the world with successful climbing expeditions to Patagonia, Peru and a ski expedition to Tien Shan. Sport climbing up to 8b, traditional climbing up to 8a+. Free ascent of El Cap. No less than 6 free ascents on Store Blåmann. 

Whats's IFMGA?

International Federation of Mountain Guides. Founded in 1956 in the Alps, it's the umbrella association for more than 20 countries around the world, representing almost 7000 mountain guides. UIAGM is the french abbreviation and IVBV is the german. It's a mandatory certification, and minimum requirement, to legally work in the high mountain in the Alps. The training program is extensive and takes 3-4 years. After 2 years it's possible to attain Aspirant status and start working on the Alps. We belive it's a sound and natural requirement when taking on responsibility for others in a potentially high risk environment. Make sure your guide service is using qualified guides.